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Student Support


Wolfville School is pleased to have a number of support services available to our students.


  • Administrative Services.

Wolfville School is served by two office areas. The main office is located off the foyer area in the middle level section of the school (at the east end of the building off the parking lot), while the elementary office is situated to the right just inside the elementary section (the entry in the centre of the building just west of the gymnasium). Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Inskip and Mrs. Davison share responsibilities between the two offices. The offices for Mr. Keddy, Principal, and Mrs. MacLeod, Vice Principal, are in the office at the middle level end of the school.


  • Resource Services.

Resource support for students at Wolfville School is intended to serve the needs of students with learning difficulties. These difficulties may be of various types - visual, auditory, motor or cognitive – and affect the student’s ability to work effectively within the regular curriculum. Resource teachers head the Resource Department, with Educational Assistants and community volunteers providing direct support and assistance to students. The resource teachers’ chief duties include: identifying students with learning problems; diagnosing specific disabilities; providing remedial help; developing individual student program plans; working with teachers to adapt classroom instruction to meet individual needs; and helping parents/guardians with home support programs. One of our resource teachers also is responsible for our grade one Reading Recovery Program. Students who have been identified on the Elementary English Language Arts Assessment receive Literacy Support during grades 7 – 9.


  • ESL - English Second Language.

Our school is fortunate to have a multi-cultural population. As a result, we have a number of students whose home language is other than English. ESL (English Second Language) instruction is provided by a part-time teacher for those students who require English language support.


  • Speech and Language Services.

Students experiencing difficulties with speech and language have access to one of the school board’s speech pathologists. This specialist works one day a week at Wolfville School supporting students, staff and parents/guardians. Parents/guardians who think their student would benefit from this service should speak to their teacher.


  • Counselling Services.

Ms. Betty Ann Buott provides student counseling for students who can benefit from this service. The counseling office is located upstairs in the elementary section of the school. Some of the services provided include personal counseling; peer leadership program; placement of students; orientating new students and parents to the school; assisting students and parents who transfer to other schools; assisting students with career choices; and helping students select high school programs and courses. Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to meet with Ms. Buott to become more familiar with the available services.