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Special Programs & Courses

Each year, Wolfville School offers students a selection of special courses and programs that enrich the standard curriculum offerings.  Although the specific offerings may vary from year to year, examples of the programs and courses offered in the past are included below.


Students-Can-Cook / Cooking to Learn.

Using cooking as a vehicle for delivering a life skills based learning opportunity has been very successful for select students.  The program provides a hands-on approach to teaching practical skills and reinforces the lessons being taught in the classroom; from mathematics to language arts.


Internet Safety.  

RCMP members have generously provided internet safety sessions to students at a select grade level.  The majority of young people are ‘on-line’ in one capacity or another and it is important that they have the knowledge to stay safe.   The RCMP’s Internet Safety program is designed help students better understand the risks and the benefits of internet use.


Anti Bullying Presentations and Workshops.

Wolfville School has established it as a priority to create a positive school environment where the students themselves consider bullying to be unacceptable.  We offer numerous presentations, workshops and initiatives throughout the year to encourage positive behavior and engage students in this important discussion.


Valuing Diversity.

Each year we offer sessions to our students that reinforce the importance of valuing diversity in our school and our community.  This information is offered in a variety of creative ways – including workshops, information sessions or dramatic presentations.


D.A.R.E. – Drug Abuse Resistance Education 

Wolfville School has been fortunate to have the RCMP deliver DARE training to our senior elementary students. Past graduates of the DARE program speak very highly of its benefits and highly recommend it for others.  The DARE program give students the skills and knowledge they need to make good decisions when under peer pressure and to avoid getting involved with drugs and alcohol.