19 Acadia Street
Wolfville, NS. B4P 1K8

Telephone: (902) 542-6050
 Fax: (902) 542-6054

School Advisory Council


The Wolfville School Advisory Council is made up of elected members representing parents, students, staff, teachers and the community-at-large.  The membership consists of:

  • Principal (non-voting)
  • 2 Teacher Representatives - 1 elementary and 1 middle level
  • 1 Non-teaching Staff
  • 2 Elementary Level Student Representatives
  • 2 Middle Level Student Representatives - (Student Council President or VP plus an additional student
  • 5 Parent/Guardian Representatives
  • 1 Non-teaching Staff Representative
  • 1 Community Representative


2016-2017 Members

Steve Keddy


Noah Kimball; Rachel Veale

Elementary Student Representatives

Evan Sheffield; Mae Rue Sanford

Middle Level Student Representatives

Allison Carey

Ruth MacLeod

Jose Gladwin

Elementary Teacher Representative

Middle Level Teacher Representative

Non-teaching Staff Representative

Alan Howell (Chair)

Janna Wenztell (Vice Chair/Treasurer)


Emily Leeson (Social Coord.)

Julien Davis

Parent Representatives

Ted Salmon

Community Representative



Roles and Responsibilities

The Wolfville School Advisory Council has signed a formal letter of agreement with the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and the Minister of Education which outlines the SAC’s duties, responsibilities and by-laws. In general, the duties of the Wolfville SAC include

  • participating in our accreditation process/school improvement plan;
  • advising the principal and staff on the development of school policies that promote academic excellence and a positive learning environment, programs, school practices, fundraising and communication;
  • advising the AVRSB on matters such as curriculum and programs, policy development, student support services, funding and communication.



The Wolfville School Advisory Council meets approximately once a month during the school year and it has undertaken a number of initiatives on behalf of Wolfville School, its students and staff. Examples of issues in which the Wolfville School Advisory Council has taken an active role are:

  • organizing forums and making recommendations to school administration on issues such as school dress code, scheduling of professional development days, bullying, the educational value of holiday activities and school security;
  • seeking and securing a government commitment to funding for capital improvements to our school facility;
  • the AVRSB Eastern Kings Schools Review process;
  • water quality testing;
  • the development and monitoring of Wolfville School’s School Improvement Plan; and
  • advocating for our students on issues such as safety and security and the need for physical upgrades to the facility.


Meeting Dates


Please refer to the Wolfville School Calendar and newsletters for upcoming meeting dates.  All members of the school community - students, parents, staff and teachers - are welcome and encouraged to attend.


For more information, or to get contact information for one of the SAC members, please contact the school office at 542-6050 or by email at .