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LIFE = Learning Is For Everyone


Learning Is For Everyone is a belief held by the Wolfville School community. In support of this belief, we have established a benevolent fund that can be used by our School Principal to address specific student needs related to learning.  


The Wolfville School L.I.F.E. fund is intended to support the principle that all students should have the opportunity to participate fully in the public school experience and the accompanying school-based activities. The benevolent fund may be used to ensure that no student goes hungry or to ensure that no student is prevented from participating fully in their class or school-based experience because they don’t have the proper supplies or other necessary resources.


There are many situations that stand in the way of a student having a positive school experience. The details of each student’s situation are private, often known only to a close teacher or the principal. In some cases, financial support can alleviate the barriers preventing a student from enjoying a positive and fulfilling learning experience. Through the generous financial support of members of our local community, we can better meet the needs of our students.


With Thanks

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the members of our local business community and service clubs for their generous support for our L.I.F.E. fund. The money will be used to make a difference in the school life of a student and is truly appreciated. Thank you!


Please contact Debbie Graves, Principal, to discuss making a tax deductible donation.