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Wolfville, NS. B4P 1K8

Telephone: (902) 542-6050
 Fax: (902) 542-6054

Health and Safety


The health and safety of our students, staff, volunteers and visitors is a priority at Wolfville School. The following policies and procedures reflect our desire to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of our school community.


Elementary Safe-Arrival Program

As a safeguard for our students, especially those who walk to school, the Elementary Safe Arrival Program is offered to all students from primary to grade five. Under this program, families are contacted whenever a student is marked absent during attendance and neither the teacher nor the school office is aware of the reason.


For this program to work in the most efficient manner, parent cooperation and support are required.

  • If an absence is anticipated, please notify your child’s teacher or the office in advance (preferably in writing or by email).
  • If your child is ill, or there is an unexpected absence, please phone the main office at 542-6050 to let us know that your child will not be at school.

If you do not contact the school, it will be necessary for the school to call you to confirm that your child is safe. To do this we will need your home number and work number.


Please update your contact numbers if they change during the year.





Nuts and Nut Products

Wolfville School is a Nut Smart School.

Some students and staff at Wolfville School have severe allergies to nuts and nut products. Out of respect for those for whom nuts can be life-threatening, please avoid bringing any products that contain, or may contain, nuts onto the school property.



Scents and Scented Products

Wolfville School is a Scent Smart School.

Some members of our school community have allergies and sensitivities to scents. Reactions to perfumes and scented products are as individual as the person. Common reactions are sneezing, coughing, sore throat, wheezing, and tightness in the chest. Other reactions that are not as obvious can be loss of concentration, confusion, irritability, and behavior changes.


We ask that all students, staff, volunteers and visitors to Wolfville School avoid wearing scents or using scented products while on the premises. The most crucial scents to remove from our school’s environment are scented markers, perfumes, colognes, strong deodorants, aftershave, body lotion and scented hair spray. The elimination of scented detergents and fabric softeners would also help decrease annoyance and severe health risk.  


We want to provide the healthiest environment possible for everyone at Wolfville School.




Medication can only be supplied or administered to a student by school staff if the necessary consent forms have been completed by the parent/guardian and the school. AVRCE policies in regard to the provision of medication require that:

(i) a consent form be completed that authorizes the school to administer medication, and

(ii) a record be maintained by the school of all medication that has been administered.


BP 403.10 Medication/Medical Treatment

AP 403.10 Medication/Medical Treatment


Pets on the Property

Pets are not permitted on Wolfville School Property. We have a number of students who are either allergic or frightened of different types of animals and we must respect and provide a safe environment for all. If you walk a pet to pick up a child at school, you must wait off school property.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.