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Guidelines for Volunteers



A volunteer is many things; an extra pair of hands to help, a pair of ears for listening or individualized attention for a student who needs it. Volunteers are highly valued and greatly appreciated. Volunteers are a valuable resource for the enrichment of our students’ learning experience and serve as an important example of service to our students, for our school and our community.  


When volunteering at Wolfville School, please follow these Guidelines for Volunteers:

  • Report to the office to sign in and out and wear an identification tag provided by the school.
  • Work with school staff to plan volunteer activities.
  • Office staff can provide you with a parking pass and let you know where parking is available.
  • Communicate regularly with your designated teacher or staff person to plan activities and provide feed back.
  • Confidentiality is a critical part of any school environment. Volunteers are expected to respect the privacy of the students and to maintain confidentiality.
  • We encourage you to assist students in following our established rules and procedures; however, you are not expected to deal with behavior or discipline problems. We follow a hands-off policy. Refer any problems with student behavior to a teacher or staff member.
  • Volunteers are an integral part of our programs and once booked, are counted on for their services. Absences are understandable but please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to volunteer at your scheduled time.
  • Each student comes with different attitudes, interests, skills and behaviors and we value this individuality. Positive reinforcement and support of student effort is an expectation of all volunteers, staff and teachers.
  • Dress appropriately for the activity for which you are volunteering in keeping with the School dress code.
  • Remember that you are a role model for students in several areas – dress, behavior, language and professional conduct.
  • Enjoy your volunteer experience!