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Expectations of Student Behaviour

At Wolfville School we believe that our students have the right to a school environment that is safe and conducive to learning, and that each individual member of our school community has the right to be treated in a courteous and respectful manner. Students are expected to exhibit the self-discipline and sensitivity needed to maintain a peaceful school environment.  


Wolfville School staff approach student discipline using positive reinforcement and clearly defined expectations.


Expectations of Student Behavior

While teachers and staff promote a positive and respectful school community, the ultimate responsibility for a student’s behavior rests with the student.


Expectations of behavior for our school community are promoted through two guiding documents:

  • Fantastic Four poster
  • Matrix of Student Behavior


The Fantastic Four poster illustrates our guiding principle that members of the Wolfville School community should conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates Responsibility and Respect for Self, Others, Learning and the Environment.

The Matrix clearly defines expectations for student behavior in various settings within the school and serves as a guide for all community members in ensuring positive and respectful behavior while at school. The Matrix is intended to make the school climate welcoming and respectful for everyone.



Positive Effective Behavior Supports (PEBS)

PEBS is an approach to improving students’ social and academic achievement while reducing negative behaviors. Wolfville School staff strongly supports the PEBS program which was introduced by the Nova Scotia Department of Education.


Through the PEBS initiative, staff focuses on positive and proactive approaches to encourage socially acceptable behavior in schools and to reward appropriate behavior.