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Dress Code

Staff and students at Wolfville School are expected to abide by the following dress code while attending school and school functions. Everyone is expected to dress in a manner appropriate for a public workplace and practice good hygiene while attending school. Following these guidelines will create a working environment that is comfortable for everyone and conducive to learning.


  1. Hats, hoods and sunglasses must be removed inside the school building.
  2. Jackets must be removed in class.
  3. Tops covering the midriff, cleavage, sides, back and sleeveless tops are appropriate. Low cut tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, backless and side-less tops, tops exposing the midriff and tube tops are not appropriate. Cleavage is not to be shown.
  4. Pants must be above the hip or the top must overlap the pants. If a student is wearing pants in such a way that they fall down the student must correct the problem.
  5. Excessively tight fitting or baggy clothing is not to be worn.
  6. Dangling chains, etc. which may be hazardous are not to be worn.
  7. Undergarments are not to be shown at any time and students are not to wear pants or tops that are made to reveal undergarments or a large amount of skin.
  8. Shorts and skirts must reach the mid-thigh.
  9. Messages displaying pictures, tattoos, slogans, jewelry, etc. suggesting actions of a sexual nature, or that are inappropriate or illegal for minors, are not acceptable.
  10. Indoor and outdoor shoes are required in the elementary.
  11. Shoes are to be worn in school.
  12. Hygiene is important and students are reminded to be conscious of their personal hygiene. Students are to wear deodorant by the middle /junior high level. Body sprays are not to be used.
  13. Unscented products are to be used. Strong scents are not to be used by anyone attending or visiting Wolfville School.


Dress code applies at all school functions. i.e. dances, gym class, etc.

The school dress code is necessary to ensure an efficient, respectful and comfortable learning environment for all staff, students, volunteers and visitors of Wolfville School. Thank you for following these guidelines and helping to keep our school a healthy and friendly place for everyone.


Dress Code Violation Consequences:

The normal consequence would be that the individual is made aware of the violation and asked to correct the problem. Contact will be made with home should the behavior continue.

For repeat offences a student may receive detentions, be sent home, have privileges withdrawn or be suspended. In the event of a disagreement in interpreting this dress code the final decision rests with the administration of the school.