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Communication Plan

At Wolfville School, we encourage parents/guardians to get involved in their child’s education and to communicate regularly with staff in the best interest of their child. We have had a very positive start to this school year and look forward to working with students and families.

We believe positive and healthy communication between home and school is essential in developing a positive concept of school. Students who recognize that families and teachers are in contact with each other and working together tend to feel more at ease and successful at school. It is important for school staff and families to feel supported by one another and for families to feel that they can contact the teachers and/or the school staff to discuss their child in relation to important issues that may affect them at school.


Formal Communication with the School:

Wolfville School provides a number of formal opportunities for families to receive reports about their child. Parents/guardians are encouraged to note the days to visit their child’s classroom to discuss the term report cards. Dates are listed in our school newsletters and on the website http://wolfville.ednet.ns.ca


Parent/Family Orientation

At this time, families are invited to come in to meet their child’s teachers. This is a good opportunity to learn about classroom routines, expectations and curriculum outcomes for your child’s grade level, homework routines, special events, school information, etc. The evening will begin at 6:30 in the gymnasium. 


Term 1 Report Cards

Students will take home a comprehensive 1st term report card. Parents are asked to take some time to discuss this report with their child. It may be helpful to focus on the positive things and to help students set goals to work toward.


Parent -Teacher Visitation

Parents/guardians are encouraged to come in and share in their child’s successes in school, better understand their learning styles, strengths and needs, as well as learn of their progress at school, meet with teachers and perhaps have their student share some of their school work.


Term 2 Report Cards

Once again, students will take home a comprehensive report card. As before, parents are asked to take some time to discuss this report with their student.


Parent-Teacher Visitation

This is another opportunity for families and teachers to share a student’s school experience, to celebrate successes and perhaps clarify areas of need.


Final Reports- Last Day of School

This is a report giving some final summative comments on a student’s progress throughout the school year. It also indicates a student’s grade level placement for the following school year.


Wolfville School Communication Plan (cont.)



Informal Communication with the School:


Parents/guardians are invited to make contact with the school office or their child’s teachers throughout the year. Scheduled appointments are preferred to avoid interruptions to the students’ learning environment and routine.


School Website and Email. Please take note of our website at www.wolfville.ednet.ns.ca. There is pertinent information about the school available on this site and updates to the message board and calendar are made regularly. This is an easy way to get notifications about unexpected school closures or early dismissals. We also can be contacted by email at wolf@avrsb.ca.  


We have an “Alert” system through PowerSchool that allows us to send messages to parents via phone message, text message, and email. We are using this to notify you of such school-based items as perhaps a classroom trip, reminders, etc.  It is possible for you to set your “Alert” system preferences through the Parent Portal.


Parent Portal Bring a piece of identification to the office and we will give you your very own sign-in to the Parent Portal where you can log in to see your child’s attendance, marks, and other information. You can also make changes to how you want the school to contact you with important information (i.e. via email, text messaging, or phone calls). All of your children in all schools within the AVRCE can be linked to one Parent account.  


School Newsletter. We publish a school newsletter every month. Notification is sent out by email when a new newsletter is uploaded and includes a link to the newsletter. It is also available directly through the Wolfville School website. If you would like to have a paper copy sent home, please contact the office.


Monthly Assemblies. Families are invited and encouraged to attend our regular assemblies that take place to celebrate student success. We also hold other special assemblies from time to time. Please watch for these dates in the newsletter and on the website.


Parent Organizations. Parents are invited to become active with our School Advisory Council and/or our Home and School. Our SAC meets each month at the school and Home and School meetings are scheduled periodically throughout the school year. Look for meeting dates in our newsletter and on our website.


Volunteering. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at the school. Whether you are helping out in a classroom, reading to a student, helping with the Breakfast or Lunch Program, fundraising, or volunteering for a special event, parental support is valuable and greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in volunteering, please see our secretary for the required forms as soon as possible as these often take a few weeks to complete. You cannot volunteer at any school without an up-to-date Police Records Check and Child Abuse Register. These checks must be completed every three years.  


School Special Events. Plan to attend our other many special events at the school such as concerts, school musicals, sports events, etc.

At any time, parents/guardians should feel free to contact the school office (902-542-6050) with important information, questions, concerns or suggestions that can help our school continue to strive for excellence.

We are looking forward to a great school year as we all work together for student success and achievement!

Debbie Graves, Principal       Craig Barbour, Vice-Principal