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Breakfast Club & Subsidized Lunches

Members of the Wolfville School community believe that no student should go hungry. In keeping with this principle, Wolfville School offers a breakfast program and provides snacks and/or lunches free of charge to students who might otherwise go without. Funds for this service are administered by the principal; and would not be available without the generous support of our community through donations and fundraising. Please contact Debbie Graves our Principal, to discuss making a tax deductible donation or to arrange for your student to use this service.



Wolfville School Breakfast Program

Wolfville School is pleased to offer a breakfast program each morning free of charge.


The Breakfast Club runs Monday to Friday from 8:15 am to 8:35 am and is open to all students. Studies show that students who eat a balanced breakfast are better able to focus and perform better in school than those who don't. We don’t want any of our students starting the school day hungry; so we encourage all students who need something to eat before morning classes begin to drop by the Breakfast Club.


The Breakfast Club is run and staffed entirely by volunteers (students and community) and is funded through grants and donations of money and food. If you are able to volunteer, please contact Debbie Graves o]ur Principal, at the school office.



Wolfville School Lunch Program

The Wolfville School Lunch Program offers nutritious and delicious snacks and meals at recess and lunchtime. Every effort is made to keep prices affordable. The kitchen is operated by the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board as a not-for-profit enterprise with a goal of making healthy meals accessible to all students while breaking even financially.

The kitchen operates with one paid staff person and relies on volunteers to provide students with healthy and filling meals that are made from scratch. Menu and price list is available below.

If you enjoy cooking, and could free up a couple of hours in your schedule weekdays between 8:30 am to 12:30 noon, please consider volunteering in the kitchen. Contact Cheryl Russell through the school office or email wolf@avrsb.ca to discuss this opportunity.



Wolfville School supports the Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public School that was developed the Government of Nova Scotia to support student health and learning.

Wolfville School has been a leader in implementing the Provincial Food and Nutrition Policy and in providing delicious and nutritious snacks and lunches to our students. Over the last few years, many positive steps have been taken to improve the quality of food sold during recess and lunch times.

Please keep the following principles in mind when preparing food to send to school with your child.

  • Students are better able to concentrate and learn when they have had a healthy meal.
  • Canada’s Food Guide recommends 5 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables each day.
  • Snacks are a valuable way to refuel your body and mind between meals.
  • A healthy, active child is more likely to stay active and healthy throughout his or her life, especially if that healthy living is modeled and encouraged at school. 

All food and beverages served by the Wolfville School kitchen meet the standards of the provincial nutrition policy.


Out of respect for those with allergies, please remember that Wolfville School is a Nut Smart School. Please do not send nuts or foods containing nuts to school.


See here for Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools