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Wolfville, NS. B4P 1K8

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Physical Education

Physical Education is an important component of a student’s life; offering regular exercise and introducing our children to many options by which they can choose to stay active in their lives.

Physical Education classes are provided for elementary and for middle level students as part of their regular curriculum.

Extra-curricular Athletics

In addition to scheduled physical education classes, our students participate in extra-curricular sports through intra-mural and inter-mural programming. Typically, our students are able to participate in cross-country running, soccer, baseball, badminton, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, floor hockey and gymnastics.

We have a “no cut” and a “fair play” policy for extra-curricular sports teams at Wolfville School.  We have seen our student participation in sports programs grow in leaps and bounds! 

Wolfville School has a full-size gymnasium with plenty of balcony spectator seating.  A great asset for hosting tournaments and competitions!

Community Facilities

Wolfville School students can also take full advantage of the numerous recreational opportunities within the town, such as Acadia University’s swimming pool, skating rink, outdoor tracks and sports fields and the Town of Wolfville’s soccer fields and tennis courts; all of which are within walking distance of the school.